2009 UNSW National Strategic Conference

KAREC has commenced a national project funded by the Commonwealth Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations through the Strategic Collaboration and Partnership Fund under the National Asian Languages and Studies in Schools Program (NALSSP).  The KAREC’s NALSSP Project focuses on Korean language and studies education in Australian schools, and is in line with the Commonwealth Government’s aim to increase opportunities for school students to become familiar with the languages and cultures of Australia’s key regional neighbours: China, Indonesia, Japan and Korea. 

As the first milestone of the Project, KAREC has organised a National Strategic Conference, which is to be held on 19 –21 November 2009 at UNSW. The purpose of the Conference is to examine the current status of Korean language and studies education in Australia and to establish a long-term strategy to ensure continued development. 

The major theme of the Conference on the 19th of November will be the current situation, issues and challenges of, and strategies for, Australia’s Korean language and studies education. On the 20th of November, there will be a round-table discussion by Korean Studies academics and high school teachers of Society and Environment, English and Arts on the coverage of Korea in high school non-language subjects. On the 21st of November, a workshop for Korean language teachers in Australia will be held. Lectures and hands-on practice of assessment, classroom interaction and its implications for language learning, and on grammar and vocabulary teaching will be given.

For details please contact Ms Anne Ke (Email: h.ke@unsw.edu.au, Tel: (02) 9385 4466). 





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