Korean In Action: for international Learners, Book 1  





by Gi-Hyun Shin & Adrian Buzo


Textbook Units & Exercises

Unit 1: INSA ? SAYING THE RIGHT THING 인사 (Texts) (Exercises)

Unit 2: HANGEUL (1) - THE KOREAN ALPHABET 한글 (1) (Texts) (Exercises)

Unit 3: HANGEUL (2) - THE KOREAN ALPHABET 한글 (2) (Texts) (Exercises)

Unit 4: WHERE ARE YOU GOING? 어디 가요?? (Texts) (Exercises)

Unit 5: GREEN TEA, PLEASE 녹차 주세요 (Texts) (Exercises)

Unit 6: HOW MUCH ARE THESE? 얼마예요? (Texts) (Exercises)

Unit 7: KOREAN CLASS 한국어 교실 (Texts) (Exercises)

Unit 8: ARE YOU FREE THIS AFTERNOON? 오후에 시간 있어요? (Texts) (Exercises)

Unit 9: WHICH COUNTRY ARE YOU FROM? 어느 나라에서 왔어요? (Texts) (Exercises)

Unit 10: WHAT TIME DID YOU GET UP? 몇시에 일어났어요? (Texts) (Exercises)

Unit 11: BON APPETIT 많이 드세요 (Texts) (Exercises)

Unit 12: DO WE GO BY TRAIN, OR BY BUS? 기차로 가요? 버스로 가요? (Texts) (Exercises)

Unit 13: FAMILY 가족 (Texts) (Exercises)

Unit 14: WHAT'S YOUR MAJOR? 전공이 뭐예요? (Texts) (Exercises)

Unit 15: CAN YOU PLAY BASEBALL? 야구할 줄 알아요? (Texts) (Exercises)

Unit 16: THIS IS WHERE I LIVE 우리 집이예요 (Texts) (Exercises)

Unit 17: SHE LOOKS LIKE HER MOTHER 엄마를 닮았어요 (Texts) (Exercises)

Unit 18: WHERE WILL YOU GET IT? 어디서 살 거예요? (Texts) (Exercises)

Unit 19: HOW DO YOU FEEL? 기븐이 어때요? (Texts) (Exercises)

Unit 20: WHAT'S IT LIKE LIVING IN KOREA? 한국에서 상기가 어때요? (Texts) (Exercises)





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