Korean In Action: for international Learners, Book 2  





by Gi-Hyun Shin & Adrian Buzo


Textbook Units & Exercises

Unit 1: SHALL I GET YOU A JUICE? 주스 좀 갖다 드릴까요? (Texts) (Exercises)

Unit 2: DON’T WAIT FOR US ? GO ON AHEAD 기다리지 말고 먼저 가요 (Texts) (Exercises)

Unit 3: I INTEND TO BECOME A POLITICIAN. 정치가가 되려고 해요. (Texts) (Exercises)

Unit 4: BANMAL, THE INTIMATE LANGUAGE 반말 (Texts) (Exercises)

Unit 5: HOW’S YOUR KOREAN GOING? 한국어 공부 잘 돼요? (Texts) (Exercises)

Unit 6: FOLLOW THAT ROAD AND YOU’LL GET THERE. 이 길을 따라 똑바로 가세요. (Texts) (Exercises)

Unit 7: LET’S PLAY Yut! 윷놀이 (Texts) (Exercises)

Unit 8: HOW DO YOU MAKE BULGOGI? 불고기는 어떻게 만들어요? (Texts) (Exercises)

Unit 9: THE WORLD OF NATURE 자연의 세계 (Texts) (Exercises)

Unit 10: A SHRIMP BETWEEN FIGHTING WHALES ... 고래 싸움에 새우등 터진다고 … (Texts) (Exercises)

Unit 11: (Texts) (Exercises)

Unit 12: (Texts) (Exercises)

Unit 13: (Texts) (Exercises)

Unit 14: (Texts) (Exercises)

Unit 15: (Texts) (Exercises)

Unit 16: (Texts) (Exercises)

Unit 17: (Texts) (Exercises)

Unit 18: (Texts) (Exercises)

Unit 19: (Texts) (Exercises)

Unit 20: (Texts) (Exercises)






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