4th Biennial KSASA International Conference


"Challenges and Opportunities for

Globalisation of Korean Studies"


18-20 January 2011

Jakarta, Indonesia

Co-hosted by

Universitas Indonesia and

Universitas Pelita Harapan


Conference Sponsors

Korean Studies Association of Southeast Asia,
Korean Foundation, Korea and

Korea Research Institute (KRI), the University of New South Wales


Since its inception, the biennial conferences have been held by KSASA to discuss agendas for research and education, report the progress and explore the opportunities for future collaboration. This is the 4th Conference of KSASA, chaired by the President of the KSASA, Professor Sunardji, Vice President of Universitas Indonesia. The main aim of the conference is to strengthen collaborations among key institutions and members of KSASA, by sharing and seeking more in‐depth and sophisticated directions to nurture Korean Studies in Southeast Asia to the next era.

This completes the first cycle of hosting the KSASA conferences, among the inaugural members in Southeast Asia, starting from Vietnam, Malaysia and Thailand. As KSASA members have conducted a number of research projects covering new trends of Korean Studies research and education in various disciplinary areas for some years already, the 4th Conference aims to enhance and enrich those collaborations towards the next level. Starting from this 4th Conference, KSASA will endeavor to become a research oriented association and the KSASA Conferences will become a venue where research outcomes from the current collaborative research projects are presented and debated and visions and future research agendas are shared among the participating universities and individual scholars in the region.



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