2014 AKS International Programs

The Graduate School of Korean Studies (“GSKS”) in Academy of Korean Studies (AKS) is a research-oriented graduate school in the fields of humanities and social sciences pertaining to Korea, which aims at nurturing scholars who will contribute to the development and globalization of Korean studies. Since its establishment in 1980 as Korea’s first professional school dedicated exclusively to Korean studies, GSKS has provided intensive research-oriented education through eminent professors’ close mentoring of students. As a result, not only GSKS has gained a worldwide reputation for its high standard and quality education, but also its graduates are playing pivotal role in widening and deepening Korean studies all over the world with their academic excellence. Currently, approximately 240 students, including about 110 international students from 32 different countries, are enrolled in the master’s and doctoral degree programs and research (non-degree) program at GSKS.


Details of how to apply for the AKF Scholarship Program are at


1. Attachement 1: 2014 AKS Intern'l Student Recruitment for Master’s & Doctoral Degree Programs

2. Attachement 2: 2014 AKS International Programs

3. Attachement 3: 2014 AKS International Programs  (Details)


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