Talk Invitation 2011

TaLK PROGRAM : Teach and Learn in Korea
Introduction of TaLK Program:

Sponsored by the Korean Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, the 'TaLK (Teach & Learn in Korea)' program is inviting adventurous global leaders to teach English to students and to experience and learn about Korean culture. Program participants will receive Korean government scholarships and teach English in after-school classes at Korean elementary schools while enjoying cultural programs during their free time. TaLK scholars will be placed at schools in rural areas in need of greater exposure to English and teach the language by forming one-on-one working relationships with Korean university student volunteers. Applicants should have a desire to work with children, have a service-centered mind, a willingness to work in rural areas, and have consideration for others with a positive attitude.

1) Benefits:

1. Monthly allowance: 1.5 million KRW (approximately, 1,400 USD)
2. Accommodation (a studio-type room, or a home-stay etc.)
3. Round-trip Airfare
4. Health insurance cover
5. One-time settlement allowance - 300,000KRW
6. Opportunities to participate in cultural programs

2) Other Benefits:

1). 4-week Preparatory in August, 2011
2). Paid Leave, Korean University Student Volunteer-aid System etc.

3) Eligibility (Applicants must)
- Be a citizen of a country where the national language is English.
* Ethnic Koreans with permanent residencies are also eligible.
- Have completed two or more years of education at an accredited university,
or graduated from an accredited community college in the aforementioned countries.

4) Duty
- Working for the designated elementary schools in rural areas in Korea
*Teaching English in after-school classes : 15 hours per week

5) Contract Term
- Either 6 months or one year, starting August 2011

Application Deadline: 1st 28 April, 2nd 27 May, 3rd 29 June, 2011
- Priority consideration is given to early applicants.
- Application is available online
* Initial application documents (Part A & B) must be submitted on-line through the Talk website.

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Contacts Address: TaLK Office, National Institute for International Education, #43 Ihwajang-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul, 110-810, Korea


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