KAREC Discussion Paper Series 2000

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Vol.1, No. 1, 2000
Korean Language Education in Australian Schools: Success and Failure
Seong-Chul Shin

Vol.1, No. 2, 2000
Korean Steel Industry after the Economic Crisis : Challenges and Opportunities
Kwang Soo Park and MoonJoong Tcha

Vol.1, No. 3, 2000

Foreign Direct Investment, Domestic Investment, and Economic Growth in Korea: Interpreting Empirical Evidence
David Deok-Ki Kim and Jung-Soo Seo

Vol.1, No. 4, 2000
Flying Geese of International Development: some case studies on Japan, South Korea and India
Pradeep Kanta Ray, Chung-Sok Suh and Masahiro Ida

Vol.1, No. 5, 2000
Foreign Direct Investment and Intra-Industry Trade: Bi-lateral relationship between Korea and ASEAN
Jung-Soo Seo, Chung-Sok and Suh Keun Lee


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