KAREC Discussion Paper Series 2004

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Vol.5, No. 1, 2004
Is national cultural distance a key determinant of the choice of entry mode in a newly industrialised economy?: The case of South Korea
Youngok Kim

Vol.5, No. 2, 2004
Kim Sisup (1435-1493): The Perils of Memory in an Imperfect Present
Gregory Nicholas Evon

Vol.5, No. 3, 2004
Women’s Policy during the Kim Dae Jung Administration in South Ko
Kyungja Jung and Soon Kyung Cho

Vol.5, No. 4, 2004
Foreign Direct Investment and Comparative Advantage in Korea and Taiwan
Jung Soo Seo and Jong Soon Kang

Vol.5, No. 5, 2004
Politeness in ‘Non-Prescribed’ Language Use in Korean
Gi-Hyun Shin

Vol.5, No. 6, 2004
Exchange Rate Pass-Through and Transmission of Monetary Policy Between Korea and its Major Trading Partners
Minsoo Lee

Vol.5, No. 7, 2004
Home Country Effect of Outward Foreign Direct Investment on Bilateral Trade: Korean Experience with ASEAN
Jung-Soo Seo and Chung-Sok Suh

Vol.5, No. 8, 2004
Organisational Culture of Selected Sport Associations in Western Austra
Sooyoung Sul Tcha and Sue Colyer

Vol.5, No. 9, 2004
ASEAN Free Trade Agreement and Korean Exports
T.S. Kwon and J.S. Seo

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