KAREC Discussion Paper Series 2007

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Vol.8, No. 1, 2007
Teaching of Korean as Foreign Language (KFL) and the National Institute of the Korean Language
Sejung Kim

Vol.8, No. 2, 2007
Signposts in Processing Sentences in Korean: the Role of Clause Enders
Kyu Suk Shin

Vol.8, No. 3, 2007
Translated Korean Literatures in Thailand
Tassanee Thantawanit

Vol.8, No. 4, 2007
Visual Representation in the Teaching and Learning of Korean Sound Changes
Inshil Choe Yoon

Vol.8, No. 5, 2007
A Study of Korean Geomancy and the Need for International Cooperation
Hong-Key Yoon

Vol.8, No. 6, 2007
Changes and Challenges in the 21st Century Environment: Complex Era of Cultural Production
Azizah Haji Hamzah

Vol.8, No. 7, 2007
The Broadcasting Industry in Thailand and the Media Reform
Lucksana Klaikao

Vol.8, No. 8, 2007
The Broadcasting Industry in Malaysia and the Role of Government
Shaharir R. Zainudin

Vol.8, No. 10, 2007
Major Copyright Issues in Southeast Asia and Korea: The Challenges of Copyright Law in the ¡®Digital Age
Dong-Kee Rhee and Joseph Kim

Vol.8, No. 11, 2007
Competitive Multiple-Response Sequences in Adult Korean TESOL Classrooms
Sungbae Ko

Vol.8, No. 12, 2007
The Development of Youth Policy in the Republic of Korea: A Study on the Laws and Regulations for Youth Protection
Bambang Laksmono

Vol.8, No. 13, 2007
Non-Verbal Communication between Korean Administrators and Thai Employees
Tassanee Thantawanit, Ratchanee Vongsumitr and Chanchala Sivamard

Vol.8, No. 14, 2007
The Perspectives of Korean-Vietnamese Cooperation and Korean Studies
Do Thu Ha

Vol.8, No. 15, 2007
International Trade Agreement of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS), Copyright Issues & Burden to Enforce in Malaysia
Hasmah Zanuddin and Azizah Hamzah

Vol.8, No. 16, 2007
Copyright Issues in Indonesia
Henry Soelistyo Budi

Vol.8, No. 17, 2007
Copyright Law in Thailand
Terdsak Seesamarn, Kulwadee Charoensri and Pitipong Yodmongkon

Vol.8, No. 26, 2007
Globalization Strategies of South Korean Companies after the 1997 Financial Crisis
Chung-Sok Suh, Michael O¡¯Donnell & John Shields

Vol.8, No. 27, 2007
A Dynamic Relationship between Globalisation and the Improvement of Competitiveness: The Case of Hyundai Motor Company
Chung-Sok Suh, Christopher Wright and Michael O¡¯Donnell

Vol.8, No. 28, 2007
Evaluating Multinational Company: A proposed quantitative method to appraise: foreign company¡¯s performances in Thailand
Chung-Sok Suh and Wichanun Niwatjinda

Vol.8, No. 28, 2007
Major Copyright Issues in Southeast Asia
Joseph Kim, Seung-Ho Kwon and Tae Young Choi

Vol.8, No. 30, 2007
The Government Policies for Copyright Issues in Southeast Asia
Seung-Ho Kwon and Tae Young Choi

Vol.8, No. 31, 2007
A study of arbitration and adjudication cases against infringement of intellectual properties rights in South East Asian countries- The perspective of Korean copyright industries¡¯
entry into South East Asian markets

Seung-Ho Kwon, Tae Young Choi and Joseph Kim

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