KAREC Discussion Paper Series 2010

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Vol.11, No. 1, 2010
Exploring an Asian model of Firm Internationalisation: the Korean Electronics Sector after the 1997 Economic Crisis
Chung-Sok Suh

Vol.11, No. 2, 2010
Sequential Internationalization and Subsidiary Roles: the Case of Hyundai Motor Company

Myung Hyun Nam, Yue Wang & Chung-Sok Suh

Vol.11, No. 3, 2010
Why did Korean employers form the KEF when there appeared to be no reason to do so? The Importance of Chaebol entrepreneurship culture
In Jun & Peter Sheldon

Vol.11, No. 4, 2010
The Study of Korean as a Heritage Language: An Issue in Korean Language Education in Australia

Sungbae Ko & Gi-Hyun Shin

Vol.11, No. 5, 2010
Review of KSL Textbooks
Yong-Ju Ru and Gi-Hyun Shin

Vol.11, No. 6, 2010
Intercultural Conversation: Task Performance Across Cultures In Classrooms
Sungbae Ko

Vol.11, No. 7, 2010
Can you think backward? - Processing the left-branching language: In the case of relative clauses in Korean
Kyu-Suk Shin

Vol.11, No. 8, 2010
The interactive relationship between foreign record producers and the Korean copyright institution

Joseph Kim


Vol.11, No 9, 2010

Comparison between Korea and Thailand on the role of record producers and copyright institution development

Joseph Kim

Vol.11, No 10, 2010

Networks and Firm Innovation in Emerging Markets: The Case of Korean Manufacturing Firms
Youngok Kim and Steven S. Lui

Vol.11, No 11, 2010

Values in Korean and Thai Culture

Tassanee Thantawanit and Soontaree Larprungrueng

Vol.11, No 12, 2010

Administrative Reform Towards Integrity in the Public Sector: A Case study and its Application to Malaysian and Korean Public Administration

Nik Rosnah Wan Abdullah

Vol.11, No 13, 2010

The Korean Model of Growth and Development and implications for Southeast Asia: A Research Discourse for Korean Studies

Seung-Ho Kwon, Chung-Sok Suh and Michael O’Donnell

Vol.11, No 14, 2010

Interlink between Motives and Performances of Internationalisation Processes: A Case of MBC, Korea

Ty Choi

Vol.11, No 15, 2010

Knowledge Enactment: The Linkage between Human Resource Practice and an Organization’s Innovation Performance

Min-Dong Paul Lee Sunghoon Kim

Vol.11, No 16, 2010

Accounting for Lifecycle Wealth Accumulation: The Role of Housing Institution

Sang-Wook (Stanley) Cho


Vol.11, No 17, 2010

Policies for Privatisation: A Case of the Sydney Airport

Michael O’Donnell and Seung-Ho Kwon


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