KAREC Discussion Paper Series 2008

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Vol.9, No. 1, 2008
Institutional Environments of South East Asia's Cultural and Copyright Industries

Seung-Ho Kwon & Tae Young Choi

Vol.9, No. 2, 2008
The Structures and Patterns of Korean Cultural Industries’ Entry into Thailand,
Seung-Ho Kwon & Tae Young Choi

Vol.9, No. 3, 2008
 Dispute resolution and precedents of copyright violations in South East Asian ?
cases of Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam
Seung-Ho Kwon & Joseph Kim

Vol.9, No. 4, 2008
Promoting Korean Studies in Oceania and South Asian Nations,
Sungbae Ko


Vol.9, No. 5, 2008
Research on Learning Korean as a Third Language
Sungbae Ko & Gi-Hyun Shin

Vol.9, No. 6, 2008
A Scaffolding Effort in TESOL Classroom Talk
Sungbae Ko

Vol.9, No. 7, 2008
A systemic functional analysis of Topic NPs in Korean
Gi-Hyun Shin & Mira Kim

Vol.9, No. 8, 2008
Neo-Liberal Reform and New Public Management: The State and Trade Unions in the Australian
and British Administrative Services

Peter Fairbrother, Anne Junor and John Oí»Brien,Michael Oí»Donnell & Glynne Williams

Vol.9, No. 9, 2008
Towards a re-conceptualization of firm internationalization: Heterogeneous process, subsidiary roles and knowledge flow
Yue Wang & Chung-Sok Suh

Vol.9, No. 10, 2008
Firm Internationalization and Subsidiary Roles: The Case of Hyundai Motor Company

Yue Wang, Myung Hyun Nam & Chung-Sok Suh


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